Aadhar Card – Know About Aadhar Card Status & Aadhar Card Download

Aadhar Card: Various Countries all around the world use a Unique Identity system in which they provide a Unique Identification Number which is used to identify all the Citizens of that nation. In India also, Government has introduced one system which we all call it Aadhar. It is also known as UID.

The Project of Aadhar was started in the year 2009 and is handled by the Unique Identification Authority of India. There are a numerous number of benefits associated with Aadhar. In the Initial stages, the project faced lots of problems. As per reports, the project was not considered constitutionally sound as it only includes a collection of Demographic data.

Aadhar Card

aadhar card
aadhar card

Later, after making effective changes in the project, it was accepted by the Constitution. The main idea behind this Aadhar is to provide maximum benefits to all the citizens on just one Identity.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card is a card which consists of 12-Digit Unique Identification Number. Aadhar Card is provided to each and every Citizen of India based on their Demographic as well as Biometric Data.

Aadhar is also considered as the “World’s largest Biometric ID System”. As per June 2017, more than 1.15 billion have already enrolled for the Aadhar Card.

Main Purpose behind the Aadhar Card

The main purpose of the Aadhar is to provide Unique Identification Number to each and every Citizen of India. Aadhar acts as both proof of address as well as the proof of identity. The second reason, Aadhar Card is helpful to remove the illegal immigration in the country. Also, a Citizen has only one Aadhar Card.

Various Benefits of Aadhar Card

Benefits linked with the Aadhar Card are as follows:

  • Global Identity Card

The major aim behind the Aadhar Card is to provide Unique Global Identity to all the Citizens of India that which will be helpful to apply for various services across the country on just one document.

  • LPG Subsidy

The Government of India offers LPG Subsides to all Eligible Customers in India. However, the Scheme is being misused. Under the PAHAL DBTL Scheme, all the Citizens who possess Aadhar are eligible for Subsidy on Gas Cylinders. In order to avail it, all Citizens have to provide Aadhar at Bank as well as to the Gas Connection provider.

  • Phone Connections

All the Citizens who want to get a new landline or new SIM can use Aadhar Card to get SIM directly as it acts as proof of identity as well as address.

  • Open Bank Account

In order to open a new bank Account, you have to provide your Aadhar Card copy as per the new rules of Government. One of the major benefits of linking Aadhar Card with the bank is that whenever you qualify for any government scheme and want to receive the money, it will be directly added to your account.

Jan Dhan Yojana: Under this Yojana, all the Citizens can open a new bank account with only one document. This scheme was introduced in order to help the people living in rural areas. By this scheme, they can avail all the bank services. Various benefits such as Zero balance account RuPay Card, and Life insurance policies at very low cost are included in this Scheme.

  • Get Passport Easily

All the people who possess an Aadhar Card can get the Passport in just 10 days. If you apply for the passport using Aadhar, then police verification process will be done in the later case. Earlier, police verification process was time-consuming. As per new Government rule, Aadhar is compulsory to apply for Passport.

  • Monthly Pension

The pensioners from particular states have to register their Aadhar Number with the respective department in order to avail the pension. This initiative is started because there were certain fraudulent cases who were requesting for pension were considered to be fake.

  • Provident Fund

Likewise monthly pension, the provident fund money will be directly added to the Bank Account Holder who have linked their Aadhar number with the Employee Provident Organization.

  • Digital Locker

The Government of India has launched the DigiLocker app which is very useful to store all the personal documents. In order to use DigiLocker, one needs to sign in using the 12-Digit Unique-Identification Number.

  • Student Scholarship

In order to avail the Scholarship from the Government, all the students have to link their Aadhar Card with the bank. However, this facility is available in selected states only.

  • Digital Life Certificate

Under “Jeevan Praman for Pensioners” Scheme the government has put an end for all the pensioners to visit the agency in order to receive the pension. In this scheme, pensioners will be provided Digital Life Certificate, due to which Pension will be directly added to their bank accounts.

  • SEBI

Aadhar Card is now valid as proof of address by Securities and Exchange Board. Earlier, it was just used as a proof of identity.

What is Aadhar Number?

Aadhar is a 12-Digit Unique Identification Number which is useful for various purposes such as to open a new bank account, passport, new SIM, etc. It contains Biometric as well as Demographic data.

Format of Aadhar Number

All the Citizens are assigned 12-Digit Number. These 12-Digits are used to identify amongst the 100 Crore people across the country. Out of 12-Digit, 11 digits are assigned to more than 100 Crore people across the country and 12th Digit is formed using the Verhoeff Algorithm.

Details available on Aadhar Card

Following details are present on the Aadhar Card:

  • Name of Person
  • Aadhar Number
  • Enrollment Number
  • Photograph
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Barcode (Contains all information of your Aadhar Card)

Eligibility Criteria for Aadhar Card

Aadhar is useful for all the Citizens of India, it acts as a proof of identity as well as proof of address. Aadhar is very much useful to get special benefits provided by the government.

Aadhar acts as a Unique ID for all the Citizens and it doesn’t contain any kind of long Eligibility Criteria. However, not only the Indian Citizens but also NRI and Foreigners can apply for the Aadhar Card.

Important Points for Eligibility

  1. Any resident of India can apply for Aadhar.
  2. All the Children below 3 years doesn’t require to apply for Aadhar
  3. NRI Can also apply for Aadhar Card
  4. Foreigners who are residing in India can also apply for Aadhar card

Documents required for Aadhar Card Registration

In order to apply for the Aadhar Card, you need to carry a copy of proof of address, proof of identity and DOB Certificate.

How to Apply for Aadhar Card?

Follow the simple procedure to apply for Aadhar Card:

  1. Visit the nearest Aadhar Card Center. Please don’t forgot to carry Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and DOB Certificate.
  2. Download the Enrolment Form from the Aadhar website or collect it from the Aadhar Center. Fill all the details required in the form, attach all the documents along with Passport size photograph.
  3. Now, you have to visit the Aadhar Card Center, submit all the documents.
  4. Provide your Biometric as well as Demographic data.
  5. Now, you will be given Enrolment ID. Later, all the details will be verified.
  6. Within two months, Aadhar Card will be delivered to your registered Address.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status By Name and Date of Birth [Online / Offline]

Aadhaar card has been termed as one of the greatest necessities by the Indian government for all the citizens of the country. Aadhaar card is an official identity as well as residential proof for Indians. Applying for Aadhar card online is very simple and hassle-free. Applicants also can easily check their Aadhaar card application status online if not received on time.

Checking the status online is a very easy procedure. The applicants need to follow it step by step in order to track their current application status. Here is given a stepwise process that is to be followed by the applicants waiting to receive their Aadhaar card:

  • Step 1– not having received the Aadhaar card as per given time, the applicant can directly go to the UIDAI website for checking their Aadhaar card application status.
  • Step 2– the applicant then should keep their acknowledgment slip ready and check it. He/she should check the top of that slip where a 14-digit enrolment number will be printed along with the time and date of enrolment.
  • Step 3– after identifying the enrolment and time and date of enrolment, the applicant should enter them in the Date/Time and EID sections respectively.
  • Step 4– after filling up all the required sections, the applicant should then type the given captcha under the section which is labeled with ‘Enter the Security Code’.
  • Step 5– after following all the 4 above-mentioned steps, finally the applicant can click on the ‘Check Status’ button and can track their Aadhaar Card application status for future reference or immediate purpose.

Note: This process will reveal the applicant’s enrolment application status. And also, this checking status facility is only applicable to those who have new applications and not the existing Aadhaar card holders.

Aadhar Card Download Print By Aadhar Number (UID), Enrolment Number (EID), Name & Date of Birth

Here is listed the step by step procedure for getting the Aadhaar card downloaded online either with their Aadhaar or Enrolment ID without any hassle. One needs to follow proper guidelines and instructions to experience a smoother downloading process.

  • Step 1– after getting done with the process of application, the applicant must download the e-Aadhaar card by visiting the official e-Aadhaar website.
  • Step 2– then the applicant must either choose the option of ‘Aadhaar’ or the ‘Enrolment ID’ as per their requirement.
  • Step 3– after choosing the desired option, the Enrolment ID or the Aadhaar card numbers need to be entered by the applicant with other necessary details such as father’s name, mobile number, address and many more.
  • Step 4– then the applicant should click the button showing ‘Get One Time Password.’ This password will then be received through a text message on the applicant’s phone. This is a onetime use password and cannot be used for further reference.
  • Step 5– the applicant should then enter the OTP and further click the button of ‘Validate and Download.’
  • Step 6– after following all the above mentioned five steps, the applicant will get his/her e-Aadhaar card downloaded on their computer system and can take a print out of it.

Note: To open the downloaded e-Aadhaar card, the applicant needs to enter a secret code as the downloaded file remains protected by a password. The PIN Code of the applicant has to be used as the password here.

Here you can do Aadhar Card Update and Link Aadhar Card with PAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • For how many years Aadhar Card is valid?
    • Aadhar Card is valid for the Lifetime.
  • Is it compulsory to apply for Aadhar Card?
    • It is not compulsory to apply for Aadhar. But, if you want to get benefits of various schemes provided by the Government, then you should apply for Aadhar Card.
  • What can I do, if I lost my Aadhar Card?
    • If you lost your Aadhar Card, you can download a copy of your Aadhar Card online.
  • Can I Check the Status of my Aadhar Application or request for any Corrections?
    • Yes, you can check the Aadhar Card status using UIDAI’s website.
  • What is a fee charged for getting Aadhar Card?
    • There is no charge to apply for the Aadhar Card.
  • I have registered for the Aadhar since a long ago but I haven’t received an Aadhar Card. What should I do?
    • There are chances that you have applied for Aadhar Card, but not received yet. The two major reasons behind this are:
      1. One of the reason is, your application for Aadhar is been considered. However, there is some delay in dispatching the document for you.
      2. Secondly, your Application is rejected. Then, you have to apply for the Aadhar Card.
  • Is it necessary to have a mobile number for Aadhar?
    • Yes, you will be given instructions on this number once the application is being processed. This number will be useful as you will receive OTP while logging into the UIDAI’s website. Also, it will be useful while applying for any correction in the Aadhar Card.