Aadhar Card Correction Form (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)- Online, Offline and through Post: Do you want to apply for Aadhar Card Correction? If yes, then you have reached the right place. In this article, we will provide you all the details about Aadhar Card Correction.

For all those people who don’t know, Aadhar is a 12-Digit Unique Identification Number which is provided to each and every citizen of India based on their Biometric and Demographic details. As per August 15th, 2017 more than 1.17 Billion people have already enrolled for Aadhar.

Aadhar Card Correction Form (Name, Address, Mobile Number, DOB)- Online, Offline and through Post

Many people don’t know how to Change their name, address, mobile number & date of birth in their Aadhar Card. In order to make your task easy, here we will provide you best way to update details in your Aadhar Card.

In the current world of the Internet, you don’t need to visit the Aadhar Card center to change details in your Aadhar Card. By following the procedure given below, you will be able to change details in the Aadhar Card without any hustle.

Important Points to Remember before Updating Aadhar Card Details

– The individual should enter correct details in the form and attach appropriate documents which are approved.
– All the details should be filled in English or in the regional language.
– After updating Aadhar Card details online, keep update request number safe as it will be required to track Aadhar Card Status.
– If the Aadhar Cardholder doesn’t have registered mobile number with him/her, then go with the Offline method.
– Please note that you have to fill the application form in Capital Letters only.
– All the mandatory details should be filled and none of the fields should be kept empty.
– Don’t use Mr. or Mrs. While writing the name of the Aadhar Card Holder.
– Only attach those documents which are necessary for proof should be attached to the application form.

What are the possible reasons behind the rejection of Aadhar Card Updation/ Correction?

Please note that all the Aadhar Card Request are not processed. UIDAI follows specific rules to verify the details in the Aadhar Card. If all the criteria are fulfilled, then only UIDAI makes changes in the System. Following conditions to be fulfilled before making changes in the Aadhar Card Details:

– The form should be filled as per the requirement and should not contain any mistake.
– All the relevant documents should be submitted along with the Application form. In absence of any of these documents, Updation or Correction in the Aadhar Card will not be processed.
– Self- Attested copies of all the documents should be sent to the UIDAI.
– Suppose the documents mentioned in the form doesn’t match with the documents which are sent for verification, then details in the Aadhar will not get updated.
– If you submit inadequate documents with the form, Aadhar Card Submission will get rejected.

So, these were some of the reasons, due to which Aadhar Card Updation Request gets rejected.

Aadhar Card Correction / Update Form

Aadhar Card Correction
Aadhar Card Correction

There are basically three ways by which you can change details in your Aadhar Card:

1. Online
2. Offline
3. Send through Post

You can choose anyone method from the above-given methods to make changes in Aadhar card.

1. Aadhar Card Correction Online

You want to change details such as name, address, mobile number or date of birth in your Aadhar Card for various different reasons. You can easily change details in your Aadhar Card Online. If you don’t know how to change Aadhar details online, don’t worry, by following the procedure given below, you will have a clear picture of How to update Aadhar Card details.

Steps to change Aadhar Card details Online

Follow the simple procedure given below to update Aadhar Card details online.

What kind of changes will you be able to make in Aadhar Card Online?

Followings changes can be made online;
1. Name Correction
2. Date of Birth
3. Address
4. Gender
5. Email ID

1. Aadhar Card Name Correction

In order to change your name, your mobile number should be linked with the Aadhar Card online.

If your mobile number is not linked with the Aadhar Card, then you can follow the offline process or send it via Offline post.

– First of all, you need to visit the Official Aadhar Card Website.
– Then you have click on the link, Address Update Request (online).
– Now, you will be redirected to the Aadhar Self Service Portal.
– Here, you have to Enter 12-Digit Aadhar Card Number and then registered Mobile Number.
– Then, you will receive OTP in your Mobile, Enter OTP and you will be verified.
– Now, you have to select your language from the list.
– Now, you will be able to view an application form, which will ask you to enter a new name in the space provided.
– Enter your new name in the given space. Don’t need to enter Mr. or Mrs. before the same.
– Later, you need to upload relevant documents which are related to Proof of Identity.
– Lastly, after submitting the document, you will receive Aadhar Card Update Request Number which is required to track the status of Aadhar Update Request.

2. Aadhar Card Date of Birth Correction

– First of all, you need to visit the Aadhar Self Service Portal by clicking on the link given below:
Update Aadhar Card Online
– Now, you have to follow the similar process as mentioned above.
– Select Date of Birth and then click on next.
– Then you have to enter Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format. NO need to enter Old Birth Date.
– Upload relevant all the Proof of Identity Documents.
– Then, you will receive Aadhar Card update request number which will help you to track status.

3. Aadhar Card Change the Address

Important: Please note to enter the correct address as Aadhar card will be delivered to your new address.

– First of all, you need to visit Aadhar Self Service Portal by clicking on the link below:
Update Aadhar Card Online
– Then follow the similar process as mentioned above.
– Select Address from the checkbox and then click on submit.
– Now, you have to enter New Address in the application form.
– Upload relevant Proof of Address document and then submit the application.
– Lastly, you will receive Aadhar Card update request number by which you can track status.

4 . Aadhar Card Change in Gender, Email-ID, and Phone Number

– As we have mentioned before, visit the Aadhar Self Service Portal by clicking on the link below. Update Aadhar Card Online
– Verify your Aadhar Card by entering Aadhar Number and Mobile number.
– Then select Gender, Email-ID and Phone Number from the checkboxes and then click on submit.
– Now, you have to Select Gender, Enter Correct Email Address and Mobile number.
– Lastly, you will receive Aadhar Update Request Number which will be helpful to track Aadhar Card Request.

Aadhar Card Correction – Offline

In Offline Process, you have to search for the nearest Aadhar Card Center and then submit the Aadhar Update Application Form at that center.

Follow the steps given below:

– First of all, you have to search for the Aadhar Card Enrollment Service Centers. To get nearest service center details, UIDAI has launched an official website where you can check nearby service centers. To visit click on the link below:
Aadhar Card Service Center
– Now, you will get three options to search nearby Aadhar Card Center.
1. Using State Name
2. Using Pincode
3. Using Village/ City Name
– Select appropriate option, Enter details and verification code and then click on search.
– Now, Download Aadhar Update Form by clicking on the link given below:
Download Aadhar Update Form
– Fill all the details in the form. Attach relevant proof of identity and proof of address documents.
– Submit the form to the nearest Aadhar Card Center.
– Lastly, you will receive the Acknowledgement number.

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Aadhar Card Correction – Send through post

Important Note: In order to update details via post, your Aadhar Card Number should be linked to the Mobile Number. After this, follow the simple process given below:
– First of all, download the application form by clicking on the link below:
Download Aadhar Updation Form
– Fill all the details in the application form.
– Mention corrections you want to make at the top of the application form.
– For Instance: If you want to change Name, then write Name Correction. Similarly for all the other details.
– After filling the application form, attach relevant proof of identity with the form.
– Put all the documents in the Envelope.
– Mention on the top of the Envelope, subject name which is “Aadhar Correction Form”.
– Send the Envelope or Post to the below address:

Address -1
Post Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,

Address – 2
Post Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,

– The corrected Aadhar Card will be sent to the address which is mentioned in the Aadhar Card and please note that the cardholder should be present at the mentioned location.
– Photocopies of all the documents sent by the cardholder must be verified by the sender.

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FAQs for Updating Aadhar Card Details

1. Can I update all the Aadhar Card details online?

As per latest report, you can update following details in the Aadhar Card Online.
1. Name Correction
2. Date of Birth
3. Address
4. Gender
5. Email ID

2. What are the charges for Updating Aadhar Card details?

There is no charge to Update Aadhar Card details Online. While, if you want to change details offline, i.e. by visiting the Aadhar Card Center, you have to pay Rs 25 each time you want to update details in Aadhar Card.

3. What are the main criteria required for changes Online?

To update details online, you need to submit a scanned copy of the proof of address. Due to any reason, if the document is not accepted, then Aadhar Card will be rejected.

4. Will I need to submit update request in the local language?

You can submit Aadhar Update Request in any language in which you are comfortable.

5. What happens if my mobile number is not linked with the Aadhar Card?

If your mobile number is not linked with the Aadhar Card, then you will not be able to get facilities linked with the Aadhar. You can link your Mobile Number with Aadhar Online or by visiting the nearest Aadhar Enrollment center.

6. How do I change the address in my Child’s Aadhar?

You can furnish your Aadhar Card as a proof of address for changing Address in your Child’s Aadhar.

7. Do I need to provide old address while requesting Correction/ Updation in my Aadhar Card?

You don’t need to submit any old information to make changes in Aadhar. You only need to submit new details for making changes in Aadhar.

8. Can I change/modify the information after I have submitted the request for Aadhar Card?

No, you will not be able to make any changes after making an update request for the Aadhar Card.

9. Will I get an Updated Aadhar Letter once all the details are corrected?

Yes, you can download E-Aadhar from the official website, once all the details are corrected. Apart from this, you can also check details in the mAadhaar app once all the details are corrected.

10. Can my Aadhar Updatation Request can be rejected?

Your Aadhar Updation Request will be rejected only if you haven’t submitted documents as per the rules of UIDAI.

11. What happens if my Aadhar Card is suspended?

All the people who are not able to submit proper details at the time of enrollment, there Aadhar Card will be suspended. Apart from this, if a person has Aadhar and he/she applies again for it, Aadhar card will not be generated. This situation occurs at the time of verification.

12. How much time does UIDAI take to update details in the Aadhar Card?

According to the Official UIDAI website, it will take around 90 days to update details in Aadhar. Firstly, your Aadhar Card request will be verified by Aadhar Card Representative. After it is approved, you will be able to Download Aadhar on uidai.gov.in.

We hope that you are now able to make Aadhar Card Correction – Online, Offline or via Post. If you found this information helpful, then feel free to share it with your friends and followers.

There two different modes of updates are available.

Assisted Modes

In this mode, residents make an offline request for the update to an operator at the enrollment/update center. The operator is responsible for collecting all the evidence related document while accepting the request. After verification of all the documents, the update is made.

There are three types of Assisted update.

  • Update Client Standard (UCS): It is used for all kind of information updates.
  • Update Client Lite (UCL): It is used for demographic & photo updates.
  • Demographic Update with AUA devices: It is used for Biometric authentication.

Self-Service Modes

In the self-service mode, the resident not is assisted. A resident has to submit the request for change/update online. All the required documentation is to be uploaded on the portal. Once the verification is done, the changes will be reflected.

UIDAI has made certain changes in the data update policy. Out here, we have mentioned the moto behind all the changes made in the update policy.

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Policy Objectives

  • The system used for the process of update must be well- known to the resident as well as the authority. Authority will include the registrars and the Enrolment/Update Agencies.
  • Every change should be well defined. There should be a transparent ownership of the process. Every step should be given proper time. Exceptions should be stated along with the process.
  • Residents who wish to change/update the information should use a broader network for accessing the site. This will make the process of updating easy and convenient. It also helps in ensuring that the private data of a resident remains safe and secure.
  • The changes should be made with focus. It should be done as accurately as done during the enrollment process.



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