Aadhar Card Documents: Aadhar Card is an important document of the Indian residents for proving their identity. The Aadhar Card serves as an essential document that needs to be verified and corrected by the Aadhar Card officials. The documents which are required for verification are elaborately discussed below. Variedly there are two cases that the applicants must think about while applying for the Aadhar Card, one being the enrollment for a new Aadhar Card and the other one being the update of all the information and the required details in the Aadhar Card.

The documents are much required for the applicants are specified by UIDAI into four specific groups that include the Date of Birth (DOB) and the relationship status. UIDAI lists the documents on their official website.

Aadhar Card Documents

Aadhar Card Documents
Aadhar Card Documents

The list of documents is mentioned below:

  1. Proof of Relationship identification.
  2. Proof of Identification.
  3. Address Proof.
  4. Date of Birth Proof.

The Document proofs required for Identification

The identification documents are provided by the Indian Government. Applying for Aadhar Card is only possible when the required documents are issued for verification. The applicants must possess:

  • Passport
  • Ration Card or the PDS Photo Card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Voter Identification Card.
  • Government ID card and a photo identity Card being issued by PSU.
  • Driving License.

Relationship Proof that is essential for applying for Aadhar Card

Some documents are mandatory to proof the relationship details. The proofs must be valid enough to justify the relationship with the head of the family. The below-listed documents can serve as a proof of establishing the authentication of the relationship. The requirements are listed below:

  • MNREGA Job Card.
  • PDS Card.
  • Pension Card.
  • State Government/ESIC Medical Certificate or Card/ECHS/CGHS.
  • A valid Passport.
  • Pension Card.
  • Proof of Birth Certificate that is issued by the Registrar of Birth, Municipal Corporation.
  • Army Canteen Card.
  • Certificate of Marriage that is authentic and issued by some Government body.
  • Any entitled document that is issued for the family by the document issuing department of the State/ Central Government.

All the documents are not required to be produced, but any one of the following documents if shown during verification would serve the purpose.

Documents that require verification as Address proofs

The Address Proofs for Aadhar verification is an important segment. The Aadhar officials verify that the applicants reside in the place mentioned in their documents. The Aadhar Card is issued to the residents of India only, and so it is very important to note that the documents that are being provided are absolutely authentic as verification will be conducted for further evaluation. In case of any discrepancy, the application form would be canceled, and the name would be struck off from the list of applicants. The documents that are required to be submitted are listed below:

  • Passbook or the Statement of Bank
  • Passport
  • Passbook/ Post Office Statement of Accounts.
  • Ration Card/ Voter Identification Card.
  • Driving License.

It’s not necessary that the applicant needs to possess all the mentioned documents. Anyone of the mentioned document among the whole list can serve the purpose. If a situation arrives that an applicant does not possess any of the mentioned documents. Then one of the following listed documents can be served to the officials for verification like Water bill, electricity bill, property tax bill, telephone bill. Even a credit card statement would serve the purpose. If the candidate has a statement of Insurance policy, the verification can be adjusted with the given state of the policy.  But one thing must be kept in mind that if there is any mistake in the documents served for verification and the information is not updated, then the Aadhar Card would be sent to the wrong address that would unnecessarily bring in harassments and controversies.

Documents required for proving the Date of Birth

Aadhar Card serves as an essential document as a proof of birth. The applicant must provide the officials with the right birth date that would enable them to work efficiently. The documents that are required for as a proof of birth as follows:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • A Date of Birth certified by a Group a Gazetted Officer on the letterhead.
  • A Mark sheet that has the Date of Birth printed and issued by a government recognized the University of Board.

The UIDAI regulates its proceedings that are developed quite technically. In case of Aadhar Card for a child; there will be no such Bio-Metric record maintained, but the photographs and all the demographic details would be linked by UIDAI. The documents that proof about the child’s parentage must be submitted, and the validation must be recognized by some government body. The applicants must not provide fake documents as it would result in rejection of the application form.


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