SSUP – Aadhar Self Service Update Portal: The SSUP is a self-service portal which was introduced by UIDAI. The UIDAI stands for Unique Identification Authority for India. The portal helps the aadhar card user to update their aadhar information online. Before entering into the details of what SSUP is all about what customers should know what exactly SSUP means.

SSUP – Aadhar Self Service Update Portal

SSUP - Aadhar Self Service Update Portal
SSUP – Aadhar Self Service Update Portal

As stated above SSUP stands for self-service update portal which was introduced by UIDAI which stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. Customers who wish to login to their aadhar card details should visit the website Once the customer enters the said website, they should choose the Aadhar update row which is present in the Aadhar update row. Once the customer does select the Aadhar update detail online link they need to read the full instructions and then click on Http:// .in/web/guest/update. Now let us look into the details of SSUP Update. Here you can Check Your Aadhaar Card Status & Aadhaar Card Download.

SSUP Update

The process of SSUP Update is very simple and easy for the aadhar card holders. The main reason why the process becomes so easy and simple is that the whole update can be done through giving all the details of the customers in their respective houses with the help of aadhar card self-service update portal.

The SSUP Update portal has been known to support the following information which deals with any corrections that need to be made in the aadhar card. The corrections include in the field of

  • Name
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • And Mobile No

Now let us look into the different stages involved with SSUP Update. The SSUP Update has been known to have around four stages. To get the information of the stages involved the customer needs to visit The four stages that are involved are as follows.

  • The first step includes login with the aadhar card
  • The second step deals with the data update request
  • The third step deals with the documents upload
  • And Lastly BPO Service Provider Selection

Now let us look into the steps of how to log in with Aadhar

log in with Aadhar
log in with Aadhar

Customers who wish to login with their aadhar need to visit the aadhar website and then select the SSUP update portal link. The customer may even click on the direct link One of the important things to remember is that the customer to use the SSUP Update Portal needs their registered mobile no. Without the registered mobile number any update related to the customers aadhar information cannot be done with the help of Self-service update portal.

Now the steps involved with logging in with your Aadhar includes the customer logging in with their respective aadhar number including the security captcha. After this following step has been followed the customer needs to click on the Send OTP or the One Time Password button. The customer receives the said password on their respective mobile phones. Now let us look into the different documents which need to be uploaded.

Documents Upload

The customer in this basic step needs to upload the various documents which are related to their aadhar card details. The document list includes

  • The Photo Bank ATM Card
  • The Pensioner Photo Card
  • The documents also include the CGHS/ECHS Photo Card
  • Other documents include the Marriage Certificate
  • The identity of the customer likes, for example, the photo which had been issued by the Gazetted Officer or the Tehsildar on the letterhead.
  • Other documents include the passport the PAN Card the Voter ID and any other Gazette Notification.
  • Documents also consist of the Driving License, the Ration/PDS Photo Card.
  • Customers can also provide their Government Photo ID or their service photo identity card which was issued by the PSU.
  • Documents also include any Photo Id which was issued by the Recognized Educational Institution.
  • Arms license, Freedom Fighter Photo Card, Photo Credit Card, Kissan Photo Passbook are other documents that the customers can rely upon.

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Now let us look some other facts related to Aadhaar updation

  • The UIDAI has been known to launch the Aadhaar Self Service Update. If the customer wishes to use the online mode, then they need to provide their mobile no.
  • Children who have attained 15 years of age need to get their updates on the biometric system.
  • Any other update or correction which needs to be done by any customer they need to visit the Aadhaar Enrollment or Update Centre. The Aadhaar Enrollment Centre can be found on uidai.glov. In
  • The customer depending on the field which needs to be updated needs to affix self-attested documents. These documents are based on the Valid Documents List.
  • The maximum permissible limit for each resident is around four. If any customer tries to update or change any field repeatedly, then they would be subject to investigation. The investigation is basically done to establish the authenticity of the customer.
  • Merely submitting the details or information required for the update does not ensure the update of the Aadhaar data. The information which has been submitted is subject to verification and other forms of validation. If somebody provides any false or incorrect information, then their application would be rejected. Not only would their application be rejected but it would also attract certain penal provisions under the various laws in force.

Now let us look into why the mobile Number is required for the online updation of the Aadhaar Details

One of the vital information that needs to be remembered is that if a person plans to use the online mode, then it is mandatory and necessary to provide their mobile numbers. The mobile numbers are necessary as they are used to verify the identity of the applicant by calling them. The verification is done with the help of SMS. The message is sent to the respective applicant’s number. If the customer already has a registered mobile number linked to their Aadhaar, then all they need to do is enter their Aadhaar Number to get the OTP or the One Time Password. A person who has not registered their mobile number with their Aadhar needs to either visit the Update Centre or send their Update requests via Post.

Now let us look into the details of how to update Aadhar Details via Post

Customers who are looking forward to updating their aadhar details via Post need to keep certain pointers in mind.

  • Firstly a person who needs to update their Aadhar details via post should send their request in the form of a Post. The person can download the Correction Form/ Aadhaar Data Update via post.
  • The next step involved in updating the Aadhar details via post entails the individual filling up the complete Aadhaar Data Update or the Correction Form and then signing off.
  • The field which needs to be updated by the particular individual needs to be supported by documents which have been signed by the particular individual. The Aadhaar number needs to be mentioned with any of the document copies.
  • The next step involves reviewing the said data which has been entered for correctness and completeness. The languages which are accepted are English and other local languages.
  • Another important step which any individual needs to follow is that they need to seal the envelope and mark it as “Aadhaar Update/Correction” on top.
  • The next step involves sending the said form along with all the supporting documents to the necessary address.
  • The individual finally receives an intimation of the updated request receipt.

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The detailed steps of updating your Aadhar Details Online include

  • The individual needs to enter their Aadhaar Card No in the text box. After this particular step, the individual needs to enter the required captcha text which is shown After following these steps, the individual needs to click on Send OTP. After a brief moment, the person will receive their OTP in their registered mobile numbers. The person then needs to enter the OTP which they have received on their mobile no and then click on login.
  • The individual then needs to select the particular field they want to update or correct. The person is allowed to select more than one field is After this, they need to click on the Submit button.
  • The required fields need to fill up with all the current details of the individual in English. Local Languages are also allowed. Local Languages are those languages which were used by the individual during the enrollment of their Aadhar.
  • The data which is submitted then needs to be verified in English and local languages. Date of Birth is one such detail which does not appear in local languages. Once the individual is satisfied that the data entered is correct, they need to click on Proceed.
  • The individual then needs to upload the attested documents. The documents can be in the format of pdf or any image format including jpg, jpeg, png.
  • One will then see an update Request Complete Page whereby it is shown that their update request has been submitted. The individual also receives a confirmation message in their registered mobile number.
  • The individual can also log out of their page by clicking on the logout link which is present at the top right corner of the said page.

Thus, from the above discussion, we get to know what SSUP all about and all the details is which are related to the SSUP and the Aadhaar card.


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